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Joining campaigns to save endangered species

If the species in the animal kingdom are not endangered yet, they are already threatened. To this you can also include the flora where massive tracts of indigenous plants, forests and rain forest areas are still being cleared on a phenomenal scale to make way for your urban lifestyle. The thing about preserving your forests is that while you are doing this, you are saving numerous other animal species, usually quite small and unseen but, nevertheless, still there.

Just think how tragic this is. The iconic state flag of California has its bear. But the bear on the famous flag has been endangered for many years, thanks to massive settler movements to the west coast as well as industrialization and development to accommodate man’s settlement and progress. The importance behind saving as many flora and fauna species as possible cannot be emphasized enough. The extinction of any one species has a direct impact on the human race as well.

The extinction of bees, for instance, has been spoken about alarmingly. If bees were to become extinct then the entire food chain would be irreparably damage and the human race would be in trouble as well. Killing rhinos and lions all under threat takes place in countries far from you, but it is your own people that are doing the killing. Those who really care about preserving the animal kingdom do not need to shrug their shoulders helplessly.

There is such a thing called the internet jungle and it’s a lot more active than you could have imagined. You can also become a social media activist on your own by telling your friends to stop the killing. Better still, you can sign up online and join the established worldwide campaigns to add your voice of opposition to shout out loud to end the worldwide carnage.