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High intensity D21 workouts for women on the go

Oh dear, is what some of the girls reading this might be thinking. They’ve done a smattering of reading and what they’ve managed to work out, if you will, is that this sounds very hard.

Actually, it is, it’s meant to be, but after just a couple of weeks on the job you’ll hardly notice. In fact, you’ll be noticing positive results all around sooner than you thought. You’ll notice good results that you’re still waiting to experience from your regular exercise jaunts up to now.

Because, that’s all they are really. Just jaunts. Like a relaxing walk in the park. Girls, leave that part for the weekend when you’ve earned your break. And with D21, boy are you going to deserve that break. Yes, you are quite right; D21 workouts will be high intensity. It gets your heart pumping faster, you breathing heavily, and sweating in next to no time. But only for twenty one minutes. That’s all. So lighten up, girls, things are looking up.

You only need to be on this short workout three times of the week. Not two hours a day, five or six times a week. Think just how much time you’re saving now. That why this exercise routine has been geared towards women on the go. Women on the go are busy girls indeed. They’ve got lots to do. People to see and places to go to. They can hardly do that if they’re spending so much wasted time and effort at the downtown gym or plodding the sidewalks for hours on end.


You only need to be on the program for three months. After that, you’ll see the results. High intensity workouts up your cardiovascular levels and help you lose fat faster.